Anonymous asked:

Any tips on how to eat a girl's pussy? Done it a couple of times but I'm not that experienced and worry it's obvious and that I'm no good at it.

ifuckharder answered:

Get in there and get wet. 

Start by teasing her a bit. Lick and kiss her whole body. Make her think about your tongue and where she would rather have you licking. Lick her inner thighs and nibble on them. Make your up closer to her pussy. Then give her pussy one good lick. Follow that up by sucking her lips into your gently. Then guide your tongue down and lick her vagina (the actual hole your cock goes in). Now she should be properly prepped for the main attraction. Spread her lips with your thumbs and suck her clit into your mouth and swirl your tongue all around it. Then focus on licking her clit in various ways till you find the one she responds to most. Then keep doing that till she cums for you. 





It’s actually a good thing that the zombie apocalypse starts in Florida because then the zombies only have one way to go and that’s straight up into trigger happy redneck territory. I give it two weeks before monster trucks and mullets save us.

can we talk about how this is still getting notes

The funny thing is that i can not actually come up with a counter argument for this.